Colorectal Cancer Screening

COLORECTAL CANCER (CRC) is the most common cancer in males and second to breast cancer in females in Singapore. More worrying is the rising trend not just in Singapore, but also in surrounding countries in Asia (Figure 1). In a forecast by GLOBOCAN, Singapore is expected to see a doubling in the number of colorectal cancer cases from 2,329 a year to 4,189 in the year 2020. is is not surprising given the fact that colorectal cancer usually strikes a person in his 60s to 70s, and Singapore is expected to see a silver tsunami, i.e. a rapidly ageing population. e ratio of CRC mortality to incidence is 0.41 in Singapore. is means that the probability of dying from the disease is 41% when one is diagnosed to have CRC. In Korea and Australia, the ratio is 0.29 and 0.32, respectively.