In our continuous efforts to bring you quality healthcare and medical excellence, we are proud to launch our very own app, iPEAR. Available for download at the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

The interactive Patient Education, Appointments and Records (iPEAR) is a one stop online portal for both healthcare professionals and patients. In this version, registered patients are able to make or change their appointments with ease which are confirmed in real time. The app also serves as an educational platform which provides information about commonly treated conditions. There is also a chat function which allows patients to communicate with their care provider. In the upcoming versions, we plan to roll out functions that also allows viewing of basic medical records.

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How can I download the app? Is it available in “iPhone App Store” and “Android Play Store”?
It is currently available in the iPhone “App Store” and “Google Play Store” now.

Are there any monthly subscription fee?
This app is made free to our registered patients.

Does the app support multiple languages?
Current version is in English but future versions may feature multi-languages.

Is my personal information secured?
Yes, all personal information in the app is kept confidential between you and your core providers.

Download Our Appointments and Records (iPEAR) App